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Now Is The Time to Invest in Broadband

The time for Maine Legislators to commit to economic prosperity and community vitality in Maine is now.  Literally now. Not in 3 years.  

High speed, reliable internet is essential for any community, business, school, hospital, clinic, entrepreneur, farmer, mill, factory, coworking space, caretaker, restaurant or home office to function in our modern economy.  

On Monday Governor Mills issued a proclamation on Monday (8.19.19) calling the legislature back to the State House for a special legislative session to consider a revised bond package. The special session is scheduled for Monday, August 26 at 10 a.m.  

Included in the revised bond proposal is $15million for broadband infrastructure.  According to the Governor’s press release – This bond will draw at least a 3/1 match in federal and private funding.  What would an additional $50 million do for communities, businesses and residents around the state? 

Or another way of thinking about it…what does it look like if we fail to invest in our future?  What happens if you can’t upload your content? How will you check on a loved one from across the County? Do you really need to travel 4 hours just to see your doctor?  Do your kids need to sit outside the Library just to download their homework assignments?  

We can do better.  Our Legislators hold the key right now.  Please be sure to reach out to your local representatives and State senators and urge them to vote YES on the economic development bond that includes broadband.  

*Join The Maine Broadband Coalition at the annual Maine Broadband Summit October 28 and 29 in Waterville.  Save the date and get your tickets now.  

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