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Steve Mistler
May 22, 2023

Internet providers and tech companies are trying to modify Maine's privacy protections

Internet service providers and tech companies including Apple and Meta are backing a bill that they say would create privacy protections for consumers. But the proposal also repeals a landmark internet privacy law that the same companies unsuccessfully challenged in court.

May 6, 2023

Maine Connectivity Authority launches new program to support broadband utility districts

Broadband Utility Districts are community-based organizations formed to build and operate broadband networks to increase access to high-speed internet. The utility district ownership model is a critical part of helping enable regional scale impact resulting in improved connectivity and digital equity in Maine. The districts often partner with service providers to operate the network, while the communities in the districts own the internet infrastructure.

Corey Bouchard
May 4, 2023

WATCH: Maine’s First Ever Digital Equity Workshop Brought Together over 150 Stakeholders Throughout the State

Maine Connectivity Authority are also the event organizers of the first digital equity workshop in the state which brought together over 150 stakeholders throughout the state.

May 2, 2023

The Benton Institute ACP Performance Tool

The Benton Institute’s ACP Performance Tool is a resource for any community that wants to answer the question: “How are ACP sign-ups going?” To answer, search a 5-digit zip code on the tool’s website. The ACP Performance Tool returns results that show two important numbers for the zip code area: 1) how many households have signed up for ACP (from government data) and 2) the expected number of households enrolled (the output from a statistical model discussed more below).

Nick Battista
December 30, 2022

OPINION: Lobster rules pause is an opportunity for Maine’s coastal communities

Maine’s rural fishing communities need strong digital infrastructure that can enable a variety of other investments, including expanded educational, health care and economic opportunities to help them compete in the global economy.

Bill Pearson
December 23, 2022

Commissioners sign Regional Broadband Partners Grant agreement

Lincoln County has entered into a Regional Broadband Partners Agreement with Maine Connectivity Authority. Under the agreement, Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission will join Sagadahoc and Knox county officials supporting towns with regional broadband infrastructure activities and “digital inclusion.”

Kavish Harjai
December 21, 2022

Engineers find about 1,000 discrepancies in Maine’s federal broadband map

Maine’s state broadband office sent engineers to some 2,500 addresses across populated areas where it predicted broadband technology was likely to be misreported. Over the course of two weeks, the engineers identified approximately 1,000 discrepancies between the information on the FCC map and what actually exists in the state, Meghan Grabill, a data analyst working on the project, said.

Brian Bouchard
December 20, 2022

¼ of Aroostook County Homes Lack Quality Broadband

Nearly a quarter of homes in Aroostook County are lacking a quality broadband connection, hindering growth in the region according to a new report by the County Broadband Committee. NewsSource8′s Brian Bouchard has the story.

Kevin Miller
December 13, 2022

Maine's broadband agency wants your help checking new federal access maps

Maine's broadband agency is asking residents to check the accuracy of federal coverage maps to ensure the state receives its fair share of billions of dollars to expand access to high-speed internet service.

Zara Norman
December 8, 2022

Maine to receive $5.5 million in federal money to expand internet access statewide

Maine becomes the first state to receive the funding as part of a federal push for broadband improvements meant to give every American access to high-speed internet service.

Ann Treacy
December 7, 2022

Maine Investing in Multiple Community Broadband Projects Across the State

Legislative changes and funding in Maine in the last year have made it easier for local communities to consider municipal broadband options. While incumbent providers have been pushing back, local communities are pulling themselves forward.

Daymond Steer
November 30, 2022

Group seeks to bring faster internet to MSAD 72 towns

Eastern Slopes Regional Broadband is seeking to bring much faster internet to Maine communities served by the MSAD 72 School District and to make that happen ESRB will need the public's cooperation in the coming months.

Karl Bode
November 18, 2022

The FCC’s new broadband maps are finally here—are they enough?

It's a first step in a long process.

Katya Maruri
November 18, 2022

The FCC Has Released Its Broadband Map — but Work Is Far from Over

In anticipation of the FCC releasing its new nationwide broadband maps today, Government Technology spoke with several industry experts to better understand how these maps will work and some of the challenges still ahead.

Bill Pearson
November 16, 2022

Boothbay Harbor is getting the (broad)band committee back together

Boothbay Harbor is learning about a proposal for a peninsula-wide internet cable network. During the Nov. 14 board meeting, Selectman Tricia Warren reported on a Nov. 3 meeting with Fidium Fiber, a Consolidated Communications subsidiary, about establishing a broadband network for unserved and underserved peninsula residents.

Jonathan Schwantes
November 17, 2022

Fight for Fair Internet: Consumer Reports white paper on broadband pricing

Consumer Reports (CR) launched the Fight for Fair Internet campaign to encourage policymakers and service providers to make broadband more accessible and affordable. This study was designed to shine a light on an important component of that goal: determining what consumers pay for internet service, and exactly what they get for their money.

Kimberly Adams
November 16, 2022

LISTEN: A critical update to the national broadband map is coming Friday

Marketplace’s Kimberly Adams spoke with Dustin Loup, program manager for the National Broadband Mapping Coalition, a digital advocacy group, about how the new map was developed, how the FCC will try to keep it updated and potential problems facing this updated version. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Carolyn Campbell
November 15, 2022

Remote Maine County Will Help Launch National Digital Navigators Corps

When the pandemic hit, a digital equity center in Down East Maine helped older residents learn how to use the internet to stay connected and informed. Now a national grant program will give them the chance to train more residents.

Stuart Hedstrom
November 14, 2022

Dexter moving forward with broadband initiative

The town is part of the dozen-plus member Maine Highlands Broadband Coalition, which was formed to deal with ongoing poor internet connectivity. The group is working to find funding services, and provider(s) to craft solutions to bring affordable and reliable internet to all residents and businesses in the area.

Renee Cordes
November 11, 2022

Maine broadband agency proposes 530-mile 'MOOSE Net' fiber network

The network would encompass 131 communities, representing over 11,000 unserved residents and local businesses. It will reach more than 200 community anchor institutions, including schools, hospitals, libraries, local government buildings, and civic centers.

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