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Past Events

On this page, you will be able to access content from past events and event series hosted by the Maine Broadband Coalition.

Digital Frontiers

The Maine Broadband Coalition Digital Frontiers will be a series of 4-6 events to engage a diverse network of companies, sectors, industry clusters and governmental agencies around the future of broadband and digital infrastructure in Maine.

The purpose of these events are twofold:

  1. Continue engagement and advance awareness among the tens of thousands of broadband advocates throughout Maine.

  2. Elevate and highlight the opportunities, priorities and needs of digital infrastructure across multiple sectors, industries, and organizations.

Digital Frontiers Smart Infrastructure.png

Annual Broadband Summit

Watch recordings from our Annual Broadband Summit for content regarding:

  • Conversations with Connectivity Guru - Susan Crawford 

  • A deep dive on Inclusive Innovation amidst Digital Transformation

  • A focus on Impact Investing and diverse capital stacks

  • guidance on effective planning and elements of regional standardization 

  • Meeting the new Maine Connectivity Authority

  • Arm wrestling for Federal Funds

Maine Broadband Summit v6.jpg

Regional Broadband Dialogues

Convening broadband stakeholders at a state, county and local level to enhance capacity for county governments to plan, coordinate, secure funding for and ultimately execute broadband projects.

Regional Broadband Dialogues Digital Flyer.png
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