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Community Conversations with Tim McAfee, of Pioneer Broadband

“A connection to the internet that an end-user can quietly enjoy,” is the way that Tim McAfee, CEO of Pioneer Broadband, defines broadband connection. Though he admits that it’s a non-technical definition, it gets to the heart of how he believes broadband should be viewed.

Operating out of Houlton, in Aroostook County, Pioneer Broadband is committed to providing premium broadband service in one of Maine’s most rural counties. Advocating for open-access fiber networks, Tim speaks at length about topics ranging from the challenges of connecting rural communities, to shifting funding landscapes, to the value of competition and choice in the marketplace.

Through his years of experience working at the helm of a local ISP serving rural Maine, Tim shares some of the lessons he's learned and makes a case for the importance of considering broadband a public good.

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