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As we extend our state-wide effort to help towns and communities get access broadband funding, we are encouraging towns to sign onto our guiding values. Signing on demonstrates your commitment to ensuring that all Mainers have access to internet. 


What Are MBC's Guiding Values?

The Maine Broadband Coalition's guiding values were established in order to ensure that future broadband expansion across Maine achieves three goals: availability, affordability, and accessibility. If your town agrees that these goals are essential, please sign on below to show your support! 

Affordable, reliable, high-quality broadband service is essential for the prosperity of communities across Maine


Success requires learning from past successes and failures using experimentation, innovation, and flexible approaches


Limited public resources must be used effectively to address needs and build enduring, competitive investments.


Private companies have an important role in developing and running broadband networks


Geography, demographics, and income should not determine access to broadband


Strong community leadership is a precondition to public investments


Broadband speed in rural areas should be comparable to speed in urban areas


Market forces and private investment alone will not deliver universal broadband


Which towns have signed on?

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