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YES to Maine Broadband Bond

On June 9, 2020 Maine voters will have a chance to vote YES providing $15,000,000 to fund broadband expansion.

Why This Bond Matters 

With an estimated 85,000 households lacking the ability to connect to high speed reliable internet and the clear benefits that having a good internet connection can provide, the time is right for Maine to pass this bond. Maine is a home rule state and this bond helps place our local communities in the driver's seat to determine their own path to broadband.

How This Bond Works

The bond would be dispersed to the ConnectMaine Authority to fund the State of Maine Broadband Action Plan. The plan recognizes the importance of reliable, high-speed internet connectivity for Maine's economic development as well as the steps broadband takes to improve delivery and reduce costs of many services such as education and health care.

We know that the economic payback of rural broadband expansion is estimated to be at least a 4:1 return. It's a safe investment given what you can receive in return: stronger workforce, access to education, ease of aging in place

This bond is a good first step, and more funding will be needed to fully connect Maine and grow the economy. With every dollar of state money the Connect Maine Authority disperse, communities are able to leverage local and federal funds for thousands, even millions, more. Vote YES on June 9th for you, your neighbor, and your favorite local business. Whether in a city or town, every resident and business owner in Maine should have the option of affordable, reliable internet access.

How You Can Help

  • Get registered and please vote on June 9th! Voter information, dates and registration.

  • Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors. Alert them to the fact that there is an important election coming in June with an opportunity to vote 'yes' for broadband. Later we will be counting on you to ask them to vote. Your voice makes the difference.

  • Be an active, informed, and engaged listener. Provide answers to questions, direct neighbors to resources, and offer others the chance to join the MBC to stay updated and engaged.

  • Share any stories that speak to why broadband is important, where the lack of broadband is causing harm, or people who are grateful for their connection because it is allowing them to do something. 

    Please contact us if you have a story to share, or submit your story directly to broadbandstories@islandinstitute.org

Learn More About Why Broadband Matters

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