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Regional Capacity Building

The Maine Broadband Coalition (MBC) is launching a new set of programming to provide dedicated capacity and technical assistance to community-driven, regional-scale broadband planning and development efforts throughout Maine. 

By promoting and supporting multi-stakeholder regional dialogues the coalition will seek to further support an existing network for regional broadband partners through an ongoing community of practice and advancing regional initiatives by dedicating resources through a Technical Assistance Fund to boost organizing and engagement processes. 

Community of Practice


The Community of Practice is a cohort of regional broadband practitioners across the state of Maine who are engaging, supporting, guiding, and advancing multi-community / multi-sector broadband initiatives. The goal of the Community of Practice cohort is to help support existing practitioners pursuing regional scale initiatives and to enable shared learning, resource sharing, and dedicated technical assistance for the practitioners at the core of regional initiatives.

Connectivity Boosters


Connectivity Boosters will serve as added capacity to Community Practice members by providing support to organize and advance community driven - regional scale efforts.   Boosters should be grounded and aware of local relationships and dynamics to be able to provide administrative and organizing functions of regional efforts like meeting scheduling, note taking, stakeholder engagement, and data collection. Boosters do not need to be technical experts.

County Connectors


The Maine Broadband Coalition built the County Connector program to ensure that towns around the state are not left to fend for themselves on broadband. County Connectors are a line of communication between local residents and the state, county, and town organizations that serve them. Our volunteers are hubs for information and regional collaboration. By conducting local outreach and network building they ensure that hundreds of millions of federal broadband dollars will flow efficiently to all corners of the state. 

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