The Latest on Broadband Related Events

Upcoming Livestream: What Will The Federal Government Do Next on Broadband? Episode 5 of Connect This!

Tune in live for Episode 5 of Connect This! featuring Travis Carter (CEO, US Internet), Sarah Morris (Director, New America's Open Technology Institute), and Doug Dawson (President, CCG Consulting) as they discuss what is to come with the new administration.

Maine Conservation Voters' Lunch & Learn: The Fight to Connect Maine

Join Maine Conservation Voters at their Lunch & Learn with Nick Battista, Senior Policy Officer for the Island Institute, and chair of the ConnectMaine Authority Board, as they discuss the state of broadband connectivity in Maine and what you can do to help guarantee equal access across the state.

What's Next? MBC Listening Session

Join our listening session where we’ll take just a few minutes to celebrate the bond victory, we did it!
Then we’ll discuss what the $15,000,000 bond means for you, ways to address Maine’s economic recovery, and how to traverse the frontier of digital infrastructure.

National Digital Equity Center

Ongoing classes and webinars aimed to help create disruptive strategies to close the digital divide in Maine & beyond

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